Good bye…my friend.

Posted on: February 28, 2009

Note yet dried, our tears for Anik, yet again yesterday another C0F member passed away. I was planning to visit her in the hospital after got the news that Ade is hospitalized for pneumonia. But the news overhead me, she passed away on Friday while my plan was on Sunday.

Good bye Ade Trisna. May Allah put you in His most appropriate place. May Allah forgive all your faults and sins. May Allah give your family you left, patience to face this. May your kindness be paid in many fold better ways.

I recall you as a warm and cheerful person, smart yet helpful to others. There were many times we disturb you, not only you but your family. Not only during our hard time passing our first year in college, but even after some of us have graduated we kept disturbing you. As your home was always in our list of ‘base camp’. Thanks only would not be enough to repay our debt tou you. May only Allah pay our debt to you by things muuucchh better.

Now you’re gone, for good. Apparently, He loves you more than us. But need not to worry, we will always remember you. You will always be C0F member.

To Rifqi, May Allah give you all patience. I know you as a tough guy. I know you as a strong man. Be patience my friend. He loves her more than you love Ade, that’s why He called her sooner than we think. No one is to be blamed on this, not even you. So dont blame yourself for her death as it’s no one’s fault. I believe Allah will replace your loss with even much better blessings in near future. Amiin.

I can say no more, but :

Allahummaghfirlaha, warhamha, wa’aafihi wa’fuanha

God bye Ade Trisna Ariani!! Hope we can see each other again, in muuuuccchhh better place, in His heaven. Amin yaa rabbal ‘alamiin.

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