I did it!! Yatta!!!

Posted on: February 23, 2009

Outbond has become more popular these days. Not just for fun but some say it can reveal one’s character or it can teach us how to build better teamwork. It’s fun but also dangerous at the same time. Dangerous if only we do not follow the safety guidance given by the instructor. My guide said, ‘It’s 99% safe, 1 % is destiny’.

And yesterday, after long time I waited to try this adventurous activity, finally I did it. Yes. Thanks to my office to make it happen. I thought it would be ordinary family trip. Chat and get to know each other, have lunch, or maybe one speech or two from the management. Sounds boring, but I think I better go rather than thinking about works almost every single day. Hey!! it’s day you know. what i call thinking about work everyday is once I have a chance to think about it, even if it’s only one minute for each day. But it happens everyday!! so I’m not lying!! :p

The trip was to Ancol Outbondholic. After more than 1 hour late to originally planned depart time, we departed from our office to Ancol at around 11. And we reached ancol around 12.


After all registered, we were advised to wear harness, it’s a safety belt wore usually by mountain climber. Not just that, but our harness were equipped with two carabiners for each, and also one pulley.

Carabiner is a closed hook, which we can hang on to something when we hook this carabiner onto. Many types of carabiner is there, but the one equiped in our harness was auto-lock ones. They were tied to our harness with mountain-climbing standard rope. It’s said that this rope alone can carry up to 8 ton weight!! And the harness itself can carry up to 2,5 ton weight. Carabiner

There’s one other tool tied in our harness, they call it pulley. It’s a hook also, but it has 2 roller. It’s used when we want to slide over the cable like when we do flying fox. This one is auto-lock as well.

Before trying the real outbond activity, we were trained how to use the tools for our own safety. Here are some which I remember.

  1. NEVER and NEVER unhook two carabiners at a time!! Unhook it one by one. Once unhook, hook it again in the red stripe on the cable.
  2. Red strip is for Carabiner, blue one is for pulley. Whenever you see these marks, always remember Red for Carabiner, Blue for Pulley.
  3. While flying foxing, put your right hand on top of the pulley and the other on its rope – which connects your harness with the pulley. It will avoid you to turn your body around while flying.
  4. Enjoy the game!!

outbond map.JPG

In outbondholic – it’s the park name – there are 4 areas of outbound activities. Each contains a series of challenges. Green, Blue, Red, and Black. The latter the more difficult stunts in it. We tried the easiest one, i.e Green Area first. As it says, Green was easy, although I was nervous initially. But after finished it, I got challenged and wanted to try the others.

Next is blue one, unlike the green one which has only one flying fox stunt, in blue therer are two flying fox stunts, without any other stunt between. Sounds challenging, huh ?

Green complete, Blue finished, next is Red. The only difficult stunt in this area is the monkey bridge. The bridge was formed with circle boards tied together by a pair of cables. Stretched 6-7 meters above ground. The only guidance for us was a rope tied in the over head cable, along with two loops cable in which we hooked our carabiners. And things got more difficult as the bridge was a bit steep on the other edge. I had to put extra power just to have one step, but finally I made it and flying foxed to end the Red area.

Directly go for the black ?

No, I needed some air. I thought it was just light activities but strangely I sweat a lot after finishing red. Had rest for a while, drank some water, took some pictures and encouraging others. Some were giving up, mostly before finishing the monkey bridge of Red.

Ok, I’m ready for Black!! In black area, there are 6 stunts. First is wood ladder, second is spiderweb, then flying fox, cable bridge, monkey bridge, and again flying fox.

Wood ladder was easy, just like climbing an ordinary ladder. the only different was wa had to wear the safety tools. After reaching the top of the ladder, there you go, the Spiderweb. It’s rope net. Knotted so diamond shape was formed between the knot. The diamond looked so big, meant there was more chance for me to slip my hand or leg somehow. O..ow!!. Ok, should I go on or go back ?? Sh*t!! My gut shrunk. Spiderweb

The net was stretched 10 – 12 meters above ground. And it was elevated stretch, each edge are not at the same height, of course the destination edge was higher then the starting point. I think the net was 45 degree steep. While crawling we were forced to look down, made this stunt even more terifying. Da*n!! Ok, ok. There’s no way back. I said to calm my self. I can do this. This is easy. It’s safe. It’s just another stunt not different then others.. only a biiittt higher. Ok, let’s go!

I just needed to grab and step on the knot, that’s it. First grab was easy as I still had my feet stepped on the starting board. But fear came as I found it difficult when lifting my body weight center from my feet to my hands. It was like I have to trust this rope, which looked fragile, with my life. Step by step I moved forward. Knot by knot I grabbed. Shivering, faster heartbeat, and sweaty. And the wind was not sooo helping. It kept blowing, made the net waving up and down. Diamond by diamond and finally I reached the end of spider web. Phewh!! I took a deep breath!! Hah…

But the journey has not ended yet. There were more stunts awaiting ahead. Now, I’m sitting in starting point of first flying fox. It’s said the height of where I sit equals to 7 storey building, roughly said I’m now sitting on seventh floor!! If one floor is 3 meters high, then the spot is 21 meters above ground!!! The wind was strong, even I felt the tower shaking left and right. Just looking down was enough to make my gut shrink. But, I’m already half way.

That’s nothing. The flying fox itself is stretched 480 meters long!! The longest in Indonesia!! or maybe Asia!! The other end looked so tiny. I can spot my friend, which went before me, only by his shirt colour. OK. I’m ready, I hooked my carabiner in red strip, then my pulley in blue, and last my second carabiner. And here I go…… I’m flying!!!…. Aaaa……..!!! I screamed out loud!!

The end point was seen clearer and clearer. As I was approaching the end tower, my speed was gradually slowing down. And… oops… It didnt stop at the destination spot, but stopped few meters away. As has been instructed, if that happened, I need to crawl along the cable using my hands. So, I turned around my body, laid back a little so that I can see the rope above me and crawl using my hands one grab at a time. Finally, I reached the tower.

Next three stunts were easy, only strong wind made them a bit difficult. And I completed all those areas. From green to blue, then red and the last is black!!

Yatta!!! I did it!!

*Harness picture is taken from http://www.backcountry.com/
*Carabiner picture is taken from http://wikipedia.org/wiki/carabiner
*Spiderweb picture is taken from Pak Manaf Facebook

If any objection is raised with this image display, please inform me and I will be glad to remove it from my blog.

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