Fajar’s Wedding

Posted on: February 17, 2009

I knew him in first week in college and we became close since then, not only because we went to the same department, but also because our homes were close. Since I was newcomer in Surabaya and he owned vehicle then you know lah what comes next…. He became my driver!! Hahahaha. Hey! we should grab every opportunity comes to us rite ? 😉

Eventually, we found something in common other than we were Informatics students. We both love watching movies!! and we both play badminton!! Yay! finally I had a sparring partner to play badminton with, eventhough we could play games couple of years before graduation.

Our friends nicked us as ‘Bapak dan Anak’. Fajar is tall, has a good shape body, and has father-like looking while I am short, cute and baby face (I’m telling the truth here). But dont be fooled!! Despite his looking, Fajar is a pacifier. He prefers to negotiate rather than knock the enemy down. He mostly hates gays or transgenders. Thank God, I’m neither. You want proof ? come here lah…. eits…. girls only yah!! 😀

And on V-day of this year, he had his wedding, finally. After 2 yrs (?? bener gak Jar ?) relationship with Dian, they decided to close their ‘boy-girlfriend’ chapter and opened a new chapter of ‘Husband and Wife’. Congratulations!! I can only pray for both of you, ‘Barakallahu laka wa baraka alaika wa jamaa bainakuma fii khaiir’.

the couple.JPG

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