Is it luck, genius or destiny ?

Posted on: February 2, 2009

How could an 18 year-old teenager win the grand prize of 20 Million rupees ? Was he cheating ? was he in his lucky day ? or did he get the aswers from the insider ?

When Jamal Malik (Dev Patel) only 1 question far from getting 20 Million rupees, he was suspected to cheat during the show, ‘Who Wants to be A Millionaire?’. Without his knowing, He was suddenly captured by the police when stepped out from the studio as the show to be continued tomorrow.

Slapping or even electrocution didn’t make him told how he cheated. He said he did no cheating. But how he knew all the answers when most scholars or participants only ended up at 60000 rupees question ? He just simply said, ‘The Answers. Because I know the answers’

Without any luck using the hard ways, the policemen then trying to persuade him. He was seated in front of the tv. His show was played. And from then on, we would come to know how he knew all the asnwers.

The first question was an easy one. “Who is the star of 1973 hit-film “Zanjeer”. How did he know the answer ? He knew the answer as he is a big fan of Big B, Amitabh Bhachan. Infamous movie star in India. He jumped into a pile of human fec*s just to meet and ask for Big B’s autograph when Big B was visiting his slum. And with the body fully covered in human fec*s, he came to Big B and asked for his autograph. But, unfortunately the photo was sold by his brother, Salim, for a few rupees, while he was bathed by his mother.

And the secrets of how he knew the answer were revealed one by one. How he knew about the man in one hundred US dollar bill, or how he knew a poet of famous poem. He had to tell his whole life, and which occasion he came to know the aswer of each question.

The story line of this film is brilliant and is adapted from a novel “Q&A” by Vikas Swarup. We, at least I, would never expect an ordinary and almost uneducated teenager could win the biggest prize of famous tv show when others could not even get half of the prize. Is it luck or destiny ?

Golden Globe juries chose this film as a winner in this year Golden Globe Annual Awards, kept The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (CCBB), Frost/Nixon, The Reader and Revolutionary Road away from the trophy in Drama category. Though as per my opinion, CCBB and Frost/Nixon have no less quality then Slumdog. As the other two, I dont know how good are they, havent watched them yet.

Finally, I dare to give this film 4 stars out of five. And I’m sure you’ll have no regrets watching this movie when it is played in the theaters near you.

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