My Computer is infected!!

Posted on: January 31, 2009

I dont know what I did wrong, or did I surf unsafe web or download any insecure application. But one thing for sure, I got my computer infected by trojan. It happened a few days ago.

While enjoying blogwalking to tbc or Eyang Kakung suddenly some pop-up ads showing, out of the blue. No, I didn’t mean that above blogs carrying malicious program, since other than those two I opened some sites too. But I didn’t really remember. 😦

It’s very annoying!! and slowing down my connection speed. My slow connection speed was even slower after that. Not only just that, it kept coming even after I closed them. I wasn’t aware that something was infecting my computer. I thought it was just some pop-up ads from the sites I was visiting. But I’ve been proven wrong. My computer got infected by adware, successfully. Later I knew, not just adware but trojans as well.

I tried to search within the registry. If any suspicious key was added, or some unknown application folders added in registry, but I came up with nothing. The war is not over yet.

I googled for some registry repair tools. I ended up by downloading TuneUp Utilities. Installed it, and ran it. Hoped for miracles to happen. I didnt know just yet though I used the registry repair wizard in the application. Rebooted it. Fingers crossed.

OK, nothing came up. But that was only for a couple of minutes and not long after, THEY POPPED UP AGAIN!! Arghhh…..

Ok, this is enough. This must be ended. Now and forever. I searched for spyware removal tools, and chose PCTools’ Spyware Doctor. Downloaded it, installed it, and executed it. Yes, it found some. Trojans and adwares detected. I removed all the infected files and rebooted my laptop.

All’s well ? No, it is not. It’s still lying there. Pop up ads were not popping up again. But, every time I restarted my laptop, I found some unknown application and some Internet Explorer instances got executed and active in my task manager. I have to end those unwanted task manually. 😦

If you have any powerful spyware/trojan removal, care to share it with me ? my laptop is still vulnerable.

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