Dibopiss.com, Free Ambulance service and Spam

Posted on: January 27, 2009

Today, when I turned on my computer for mail checks, a few text messages came into my modem inbox. They said:


“Ya ALLAH muliakanlah sdr/i ku yg baik ini. Berilah HIDAYAH-MU, kuatkanlah imannya, luaskanlah rezekinya, berkahi umur, hidup dan kesehatannya, mudahkanlah segala urusan dan keturunannya di dunia dan di akhirat! amin ya ROBBAL ALAMIN. Salam Ketua Umum Relawan DIBO PISS (Firmaan Abadi), www.dibopiss.com

I just wonder where he got my phone number from, which I’m sure not all my friends know about this number. I didn’t spread this number as I use this only for internet connection, and as long as I remember I don’t know the originating number which sent me above messages.

The intentions carried in the messages were good. Information about free ambulance service is important. But the way the information was broadcasted is the one I don’t like about. It’s like sending email spam, containing some ads material, some hoaxes or any others though I’m sure the information given was not hoax.

Even some ‘spamming’ services will ask for registration. Either to send ‘REG[space]INFO’ to some premium numbers or filled in form thru web page, but this one I never registered to have such honored service of receiving messages.

I wouldn’t mind receiving texts, messages or even ads if I myself registered beforehand. As I haven’t registered to have above services then I assume it has crossed my private zone, which is unethical from my point of view.

I’ve replied the message though, hoping that my number is removed from the list.

Should a good intention of informing people be broadcasted using unethical way? There’re still many ways to spread information without crossing the ethical line. Use it as your signature, post it in a forum, or spread it thru mail list, some to mention.

Btw, I hope this also informed my reader about mentioned service, that there’s a free of charge ambulance service from Dibopiss. I intentionally left the contact number unmarked so it can be used by the people, or maybe I myself, who needed such service.

To Dibopiss, please accept my deepest apology if I said something inappropriate in my reply or in this blog. May ALLAH bless us all.


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