Hiatus is Over

Posted on: January 25, 2009

It’s been 100 days. Yup 100 days after my last post, here in my personal blog.

I did have time updating the blog, I did have stories to share with all of you my loyal reader. But, the thing was I didn’t know how to share my happy moments, my memorable events, and perhaps my sad ones or my knowledge, though I admit I have only a few to share in this intellectual world, with you. I find it so hard, just to write something crossing my mind. It’s like I have to start from square one in the world of writing. Hey!! What so difficult to just write your feeling? Share your emotion? Re telling the experience you went thru, or

I couldn’t find the words to describe my happiness when I bought my new second PDA as I couldn’t afford a new one. You know, I would really thank if someone will ever give me a brand new iPhone 3G. If he’s twenty-something man, ridiculously rich, and good looking, not-the-least he has no bad body odor. I wouldn’t even think twice to make him my walking-bank or my personal bodyguard my friend, or if she’s a gorgeous girl, rich, Luna-Maya alike (or Dian Sastro), I will marry befriend with her as well. So, anyone!! gimme my iPhone 3G.

Or I couldn’t create any sentence when I gave away my old K750i phones with some cash exchange. Or how happy I was to attend my friends’ wedding party (and when is mine?? – no, we haven’t got to that chapter just yet). Or sharing pictures I’ve taken during those momentous events. I don’t know, I just couldn’t or frankly said I haven’t used to.

Keep the long story short, (I told you I ain’t a good writer) I summed up all those stories in my facebook page. Ok, ok, not all though but at least one happy moment is there in pictures!! Is picture worth thousands words? Visit and add me as your friend if you want to. But if you don’t want, REMEMBER!! When you’re on your way home, be very-very careful cause may be in the next corner you meet some meatball seller, or fries seller or some all-you-can-think-about seller, he can be me. And when I meet you, and I know that you didn’t add my facebook. Hmmm…I will….I definitely will…[censored] I can’t say it here. It’s very rude sensitive words. Better I don’t tell you the word or I will have some problems next time. BUT you MUST REMEMBER this!! And I know for sure you CANT see my pictures unless you add me as your friend. HAHAHAHA (masked rider style…)

So, here it is my facebook.

Ups, I almost forgot to thank anybody who left a comment in my blog. You all have my most sincere thanks.


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